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Last Canto(s) for the Semester

Cantos, Lenoir-Rhyne University’s literary magazine, featuring cover photography by a schwiebert (Annette Schwiebert).

I have taken a break from reading portfolios to offer this short post, one inspired by seeing so many of my students’ names in the pages of Cantos, Lenoir-Rhyne’s literary magazine.  From the Italian for song, a canto is a section of a long poem, a chapter of sorts, and the students’ work both in the magazine and in their portfolios for ENG 281 serves as a last canto for the course, a final chapter in a series of innovative exercises that they, and I, have produced in our multi-genre Introduction to Creative Writing course. I look forward to reading their selections in Cantos after I finish reading their portfolios, but the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Some of the pieces in Cantos appear in their portfolios as well.

  • “Black Dog” and “Regulars” by Ryan Baxter (ENG 281.02)
  • “Strangers” by Rhonda Cheshire (ENG 281.02)
  • “Neither Nor was I Made for Either Door” by Charles Clark (ENG 281.02)
  • “Pigskin” by Peyton Hoyle (ENG 281.01)
  • “Green Eyes” by Richard Jordan (ENG 281.02)
  • “Holmes Triumphant” by Kati Waldrop (ENG 281.02)
  • Cantos also features photography by ENG 281.02 student a schwiebert (Annette Schwiebert) and an essay by Eddie Stiltner (ENG 231, Fall 2014).
  • Kati Waldrop (ENG 281) serves as Cantos’ Editor-in-Chief, and Peyton Hoyle (ENG 281) and Alexis Monthony (ENG 131, Spring 2014) serve as staff readers.

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