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ENG 111: Once More, You’ve Got to . . . Part II

You’ve Got to Read This, edited by Ron Hansen and Jim Shepard, the book that inspired the You’ve Got to . . . Assignment

We will continue our study of Maus and examine more of the You’ve Got to . . . assignments today, but class will be devoted primarily to the questions and comments that you wrote on notecards last week. Monday’s blog post addresses the specific questions you asked about English 111 as well as your questions and comments about writing in general. 

You’ve Got to . . . Assignments

Since we may have little time to examine the You’ve Got to . . . assignments today, keep the handout in your pocket portfolio and be sure to bring it to our final class meeting. Between now and then, read the assignments with a pen or pencil in hand and make notes on the text and in the margins.

The last week of class, we will turn back to these ten assignments, and I will distribute a handout with the remaining eleven.

The handout that I will distribute in class today is single-spaced to save paper. I have posted a double-spaced copy below and in Moodle.

A Student’s Companion Bonus Assignment

I have created a bonus assignment for you that focuses on exercises in A Student’s Companion to Hacker Handbooks, the workbook bundled with A Writer’s Reference. Directions for the assignment are posted below and in Moodle.

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