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ENG 1103: Notes on the First Day of Class

Required materials for English 1103, sections 18 and 19. (L-R): Mask, Writing Analytically by David Rosenwasser and Jill Stephen, class notebook/journal, pocket portfolio, and loose leaf paper

Am I the person who will teach your English 1103 class? I posed that question yesterday as a starting point for analysis, one of the key features of the course.

To begin the collaboration and inquiry that will figure prominently this semester–along with analysis–you worked together in groups to find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the course. Continue to review the syllabus, which is posted in the Information section of Blackboard. An additional copy of the syllabus is included at the end of this blog entry. If you have any questions about the assignments, the course policies, or the calendar, please let me know.


All of you in sections 18 and 19 of English 1103 are required to have the paperback edition of the textbook, Writing Analytically, 8th edition, by David Rosenwasser and Jill Stephen. Bring your copy to class on the days when the title, Writing Analytically, appears in bold on the course calendar. On those days, we will examine portions of the chapters in class and complete some of the “Try This” exercises.

Your first reading assignment in the textbook is scheduled for September 1, which will give you time to order and receive your copy before you are required to have it in class. (Unlike my copy, pictured at the top of this blog entry, your textbook will not be in a binder.)

Other Required Materials

  • Class notebook/journal—bring it to every class. 
  • Loose leaf paper (for drafts and short in-class assignments)—bring to every Monday and Wednesday class
  • Pocket portfolio (for class handouts)—bring to every class
  • Mask–wear in every class

These required materials are listed on page 2 of the syllabus with the exception of the mask. The mask policy is included on page 5.

WordPress Blog

As practice in developing your web literacy and writing for a broader online audience, you will maintain a free WordPress blog for the class. As soon as possible, create a free blog at After you create your blog, email the address, or URL, to me, and I will link your blog to our class page, English at High Point.

You will post to your blog (1) an introduction to yourself (see Blackboard later this week for assignment details), (2) your creative project, and (3) revisions of the essays and the portfolio that you will produce for the course. 

You may also be asked to post comments to your classmates’ blogs and to mine. The posts that you publish for class will be public. 

If you would like to create additional posts that are not public, keep them in draft form or choose the private visibility option. 

If you encounter technical difficulties creating your blog or publishing a post, email or contact the HPU Help Desk:, 336-841-HELP (3457).

Next Up

For class on Wednesday, August 25, read “Blogs vs. Term Papers.” Afterward, compose brief reading notes in your journal. Include (1) the title and author, (2) the main points, and (3) any questions or observations you would like to address in class. If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms in the article, look up their meanings and jot those in your journal as well.


The syllabus is also posted in the Information section of Blackboard.

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