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ENG 1103: Words With No Vowels? Hm, Hmm . . .

In a 1954 interview for Look magazine, Duke Ellington observed that “Playing bop is like Scrabble with all the vowels missing.” If you find yourself faced with a Scrabble rack full of consonants, you can play bop with these words:

  • brr: used to indicate that one feels cold (also brrr)
  • crth: an ancient stringed instrument (pl. -s) (pronounced to rhyme with booth)
  • cwm: a cirque (a deep, steep-walled basin on a mountain) (pl. -s) (pronounced to rhyme with boom)
  • hm: used to express thoughtful consideration (also hmm)
  • nth: describing an unspecified number
  • pfft: used to express a sudden ending
  • psst: used to attract someone’s attention
  • sh: used to urge silence (also shh and sha)
  • tsk: to utter an exclamation of annoyance (-ed, -ing, -s)
  • tsktsk: to tsk (-ed, -ing, -s)

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