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ENG 1103: Parallel Play

Parallel play increases your score through the points you earn by spelling more than one word in a single turn. In the first play of the game pictured above, the team scored sixteen points by spelling “enact” with the “t” on the center double word square. With the second turn, the other team took advantage of the opportunity for parallel play. Because the team knew that “aa” is a type of lava, they earned twenty-four points with four words: “whoa,” “he,” “on,” and “aa.”

Two-Letter Words Beginning with A

“Aa” is one of sixteen playable two-letter words beginning with “a.” Learning these two-letter words, as well as the others that follow in the alphabet, will enable you to see more options for play and increase the number of points you earn in a single turn.

  • aa: a type of stony, rough lava
  • ab: an abdominal muscle
  • ad: an advertisement
  • ae: one
  • ag: agriculture
  • ah: an exclamation
  • ai: a three-toed sloth
  • al: a type of East Indian tree
  • am: the first-pesron singular present form of “to be”
  • an: an indefinite article
  • ar: the letter “r”
  • as: similar to
  • at: in the position of
  • aw: an expression of sadness or protest
  • ay: a vote in the affirmative

Next Up

In class on Monday, January 24, you will create your WordPress blog and begin work on your introductory blog post. Bring your laptop to class.

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