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ENG 1103: Model Literacy Narratives

As a model for your own literacy narratives, Monday in class we began to examine “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” originally published in Esquire magazine and later as the title essay in David Sedaris’s 2000 essay collection.

As you continue to work on your literacy narratives, study Sedaris’s essay as a model, and consider how he uses the following:

  • Shifts from summary to scene and vice versa
  • Figurative language
  • Hyperbole
  • Vivid detail

Look for opportunities to use one or more of those elements in your own literacy narratives.

To read more of Sedaris’s essays, see the list of links under the heading Writing and Radio on his website.

Next Up

Friday marks our third Wordplay Day of the semester. Review my blog posts devoted to Scrabble and review the tips and tools on the on the Scrabble site to strengthen your word power and up your game.

Coming Soon

Next Monday, we will continue our study of “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” and we will examine additional literacy narratives, including Helen Keller’s essay “The Day Language Came into My Life.” You can read more of Helen Keller’s autobiography, the full text in fact, here: The Story of My Life. “The Day Language Came into My Life” is Chapter Four.