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ENG 1103: Two-Letters Words, Q-Z

Today’s blog post is the final installment in the series of posts devoted to playable two-letter words. Learning these two-letter words, as well as the others in the alphabet, will enable you to see more options for play and increase the number of points you earn in a single turn.

  • qi: the central life force in Chinese culture (also ki)
  • re: a tone of the diatonic scale
  • sh: used to encourage silence
  • si: a tone of the diatonic scale (also ti)
  • so: a tone of the diatonic scale (also sol)
  • ta: an expression of thanks
  • ti: a tone of the diatonic scale
  • to: in the direction of
  • uh: used to express hesitation
  • um: used to express hesitation
  • un: one
  • up: to raise (-s, -ped, -ping)
  • us: a plural pronoun
  • ut: the musical tone C in the French solmization system, now replaced by¬†do
  • we: a first-person plural pronoun
  • wo: woe
  • xi: a Greek letter
  • xu: a former monetary unit of Vietnam equal to one-hundreth of a dong (also sau pl. xu)
  • ya: you
  • ye: you
  • yo: an expression used to attract attention
  • za: pizza

Next Up

Friday marks your fifth Wordplay Day of the semester. To up your game and increase your word power, review the tips and tools on the Scrabble website as well as my blog posts devoted to the game.

Coming Soon

At the beginning of class on Monday, I will collect your fifth and final Check, Please! worksheets. If you were absent yetserday when I distributed copies or you misplaced yours, you can download a copy from Blackboard.

On Monday we will also examine my sample Check, Please! assignments and read the short story “The School” by Donald Bartheleme, which will offer you an additional option for your analysis.