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ENG 1103: Irritable Vowel Syndrome, Part II

Last week I published a blog post that listed the first twenty-two playable four-letter words with three vowels. Knowing those words, and others with multiple vowels, proves useful when you’re faced with a rack of mostly, or all, vowels. Here’s a list of the remaining fourteen playable four-letter words with three vowels:

  • naoi: ancient temples (pl. of naos)
  • obia: form of sorcery practiced in the Caribbean (also obeah)
  • odea: concert halls (pl. of odeum)
  • ogee: an S-shaped molding
  • ohia: a Polynesian tree with bright flowers (also lehua)
  • olea: corrosive solutions (pl. of oleum)
  • olio: a miscellaneous collection
  • ouzo: a Turkish anise-flavored liquor
  • raia: a non-Muslim Turk (also rayah)
  • roue: a lecherous old man
  • toea: a currency in Papua, New Guinea
  • unai: a two-toed sloth (pl. unai; an ai is a three-toed sloth)
  • zoea: the larvae of some crustaceans

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