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ENG 1103: Blog Comments and Final Presentations

Blog Comments

Today in class you will review one of your classmates’ blogs and identify a passage that effectively demonstrates the skills that your classmate has developed as a writer, a critical thinker, a problem solver or a collaborator. Afterward, you will compose a short response, seventy-five words or more, in which you (1) recommend that your classmate address that passage in his/her/their individual presentation, and (2) explain why that particular passage stands out as a strong point in the blog.

This assignment serves two purposes: It provides one of your classmates with concrete feedback, and it prompts you to think about what passage in your blog you might address in your own presentation.

Presentation Directions

  1. Plan a brief presentation of five minutes or fewer that highlights your achievements in English 1103 and demonstrates your ability to effectively assume the responsibilities that the internship in your field requires of you. (Remember that this assignment requires you to present yourself as a finalist for a much-sought-after internship in your field. See the assignment handout for details.)
  2. Address one or more of your major writing assignments and the development of your critical thinking and collaboration skills. You encouraged but not required to address additional aspects of the course.
  3. Include in your presentation an opening in which you state your first and last names and your major, concrete details in your blog that illustrate the development of your writing, your critical thinking, and/or your collaboration skills.
  4. A close examination of one pertinent passage in your blog.
  5. A conclusion that provides closure and invites questions from the interview committee.

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