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ENG 1103: Research Rookies

Today’s class will feature guest speaker Dr. Joanne Altman, Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works, who will speak to us about Research Rookies. Founded by Altman in 2014, Research Rookies introduces first-year students to the culture of research. Participating involves remaining active in the program for two consecutive semesters, performing fifteen research-related tasks, and participating in a mini-research project.

Becoming a Research Rookie offers the first step in the path toward undergraduate research. Later, engaging in research as an upper-level undergraduate will provide an excellent opportunity not only to develop your research skills but also your writing and public speaking skills. And presenting your work at undergraduate research conferences—and possibly publishing it as well—will give you an edge when you apply for internships and jobs.

If you are interested in becoming a Research Rookie, please email Dr. Altman,

Moving from Observation to Implication

Today’s class will also include a journal exercise in moving from observation to implication, and time permitting, you will complete a group exercise as a follow-up to your journal writing.

Next Up

Friday marks our fifth Wordplay Day of the semester. To prepare for class, review the Scrabble site’s “Tips and Tools.”

Coming Soon

Next Wednesday, September 29, you will submit your completed Check, Please! Worksheet for the third lesson in the series. (I will distribute copies of the worksheet on Friday.) In class next Wednesday, you will begin writing your midterm reflection. For that preliminary writing, you will need to have paper copy of your analysis revision with you.

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