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ENG 1103: Two-Letter Words, O-Z

The image above illustrates how the second player’s, or team’s, knowledge of playable two-letter words could enable a Scrabble on the second play of the game. The first player, or team, spelled mosque. By using all seven letters, the second player earned a total of sixty-two points for pointed alone, a word that couldn’t have been played without the knowledge of the five two-letter words that the player formed vertically: op, so, qi, un, and et. The first player scored forty points with a double-word score square. Without a double-word score square, the second team scored eighty-five.

Two of the previous Wordplay Day posts include the first sixty-four of the 101 playable two-letter words, A-E (October 3) and F-N (October 8). Today’s post features the remaining thirty-seven, O-Z.

  • od: a hypothetical force.
  • oe: a whirlwind of the Faeroe Islands
  • of: originating from
  • oh: an exclamation of surprise
  • oi: an expression of dismay (also oy)
  • om: a sound used as a mantra
  • on: physically in contact with
  • op: a style of abstract art dealing with optics
  • or: used to link conjunctions
  • os: a bone
  • oy: an expression of dismay (also oi)
  • pa: a father
  • pe:a Hebrew letter
  • qi:the central life force in traditional Chinese culture (also ki)
  • re:a tone of the diatonic scale
  • sh:used to encourage silence
  • si: a tone of the diatonic scale (also ti)
  • so: to such a great extent; a tone on the diatonic scale
  • ta: an expression of thanks
  • ti:a tone of the diatonic scale
  • to: in the direction of
  • uh: used to express  hesitation
  • un:one
  • up: to raise
  • us: a plural pronoun
  • ut: the musical tone C in the French solemnization system, now replaced by do
  • we: a first-person plural pronoun
  • wo: woe
  • xi: a Greek letter
  • xu: a former monetary unit of Vietnam equal to one-hundredth of a dong
  • ya: you
  • ye: you
  • yo: an expression used to attract attention
  • za: a pizza

Up Next

In next Monday’s class, you will begin work on your creative project. Details TBA.

Coming Soon

At the beginning of class on Wednesday, you will submit your fifth and final Check, Please! worksheet. If you misplace the copy you received in class, you can download one from the link below.

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