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ENG 1103: Searching through the Library

Today our class will meet in Smith Library where the Head Reference Services Librarian, Lauren Brewer, will offer us instruction in conducting library research.

Where We’ll Meet

The library lab is in the basement. When you enter the building, you’ll see the staircase. At the bottom of the stairs, you’ll see a set of double doors. Go through the doorway and turn left. The lab is the glass-front room with desktop computers.

Looking Ahead to the Final Paper

Today’s library class will introduce you to the kinds of research you will conduct for your final paper, which will include a minimum of three sources. Think of the research ahead of you as the search for an answer you want to find, more specifically an answer to a question about our lives in the digital world (our theme).

If you are interested in the social media issues covered in the recent Facebook Files series published in The Washington Post, you might ask yourself what questions they lead you to ask. One of those questions could serve as your starting point. For example: Should Facebook be regulated to minimize its harmful effects?

On Another Note

In class I will distribute the worksheet for lesson five in the Check, Please! assignment series, due next Wednesday, October 27, at the beginning of class. If you misplace your copy of the worksheet, you can download one from the link below.

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