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ENG 1103: End-of-Semester Checklist

To help you through the process of completing your end-of-semester course requirements and recommended tasks, I have compiled the checklist that follows.

  • Required: Make sure that your complete portfolio is published on your blog as one post that contains the following pieces of writing in the order in which they are listed: (1) final reflection, (2) analysis, (3) midterm reflection, (4) creative project, (5) final research project. If you include an optional piece of writing, it should appear between the creative project and research project. Your complete portfolio should also be posted to Blackboard as an MS Word file. Most of you have already done this; you posted your portfolio both to Blackboard and to your blog on or before the hard deadline of December 3.
  • Required: Keep all required blog posts for the semester published (visible to visitors) until final grades have been posted. Also make sure that you have deleted all placeholders/sample posts from your blog.
  • Recommended: Complete the ENG 1103 course assessment survey posted in Blackboard. Most of you have already done that; you completed the survey in the first few minutes of class on December 6 or 8.
  • Recommended: Submit course evaluations for ENG 1103 and your other classes. To complete your course evaluations, follow these steps: (1) Log into, (2) In the Blackboard Home tab, look for the block titled: “MyCourseEval,” (3) Follow the link for each course listed, or access all of your evaluations by clicking “Launch MyCourseEval.”

I look forward to your portfolio presentations.

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