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ENG 1103: Revising and Reflecting on Your Analysis

Yesterday in class you composed a short reflection essay about the process of planning, drafting, and revising your analysis. Among the questions you considered in your reflection were these:

  • What aspect of the writing seemed the most challenging? Determining the focus? Developing the thesis? Organizing textual evidence for support? Crafting the conclusion? Why did that aspect of the writing seem the most challenging?
  • What do you consider the strongest element of your analysis?
  • At what point in the process did you decide upon a title? Did you change the title during the writing process? If so, what was the original title?
  • What image that documents part of your writing process away from the screen did you include in your blog post? Why did you choose that particular image?
  • What additional images, if any, did you include?

Remember that you have the opportunity to earn five extra credit points for your analysis if you meet with a Writing Center tutor to review your essay. In order to earn the extra credit, you must meet with a tutor before the assignment’s hard deadline, tomorrow before class. If you have already submitted your analysis, you can still earn extra credit for meeting with a tutor. If you meet with a tutor and decide that you want to make additioanl revisions, you can repost your analysis to Blackboard (the second file will override the first one), and you can edit your published blog post.

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