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ENG 1103: Nine Basic Writing Errors

This morning in class, as part of your blog response assignment, I asked you to look for the nine basic writing errors as you read your classmate’s analysis.

The authors of your textbook, Writing Analytically, identify these as the nine basic writing errors:

  • Sentence Fragments
  • Comma splices and fused (run-on) sentences
  • Errors in subject-verb agreement
  • Shifts in sentence structure (faulty predication)
  • Errors in pronoun reference
  • Misplaced modifiers and dangling participles
  • Errors in using possessive apostrophes
  • Comma errors
  • Spelling/diction errors that interfere with meaning

Next Up

Friday is Wordplay Day. To increase your word power and up your game, revisit the Tips and Tools on the Scrabble website and also review my blog posts devoted to Scrabble.

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