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ENG 1103: Toponyms, Part II

Last week’s Scrabble post featured a list of toponyms (place names) in the first half of the alphabet. This post includes a list of toponyms in the second half. Learning these playable place names will broaden your vocabulary and up your game.

  • oxford: a type of shoe, also known as a bal or balmoral
  • panama: a type of wide-brimmed hat
  • paris: a type of plant found in Europe and Asia that produces a lone, poisonous berry
  • roman: a romance written in meter
  • scot: an assessed tax
  • scotch: to put an end to; or to etch or scratch (as in hopscotch)
  • sherpa: a soft fabric used for linings
  • siamese: a water pipe providing a connection for two hoses
  • swiss: a sheer, cotton fabric
  • texas: a tall structure on a steamboat containing the pilothouse
  • toledo: a type of sword known for its fine craftsmanship, originally from Toledo
  • wale: to injure, to create welts on the skin
  • warsaw: a type of grouper fish
  • waterloo: a definitive defeat
  • zaire: a currency of Zaire

Next Up

Monday you will begin your initial research for your final essay and annotated bibliography. Review your reading handouts, and determine which writer or which element of the course will serve as your subject.

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