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ENG 1103: Blowing in the Wind

To mark the end of one windy month and the beginning of another,* this Scrabble post features playable wind-related words. If your rack contains the right letters, spelling these words will be a breeze.

  • bayamo: a strong wind found in Cuba
  • bhut: a warm, dry wind in India (also bhoot)
  • bise: a cold, dry wind, found especially blowing from the northeast in Switzerland (also bize)
  • blaw: to blow
  • bleb: a blister (an extremely intense or severe wind)
  • bora: a cold wind in lowland regions
  • brr: used to indicate feeling cold (also brrr)
  • bura: a violent Eurasian windstorm (also buran)
  • chinook: a warm wind that flows off the east side of the Rockies; or a type of Pacific Northwest salmon named after the Chinook people)
  • fon: a warm dry wind that blows down off some mountains (also fohn and foehn)

*March and April are usually the windiest months of the year.

Next Up

Wordplay Day! To up your game and increase your word power, review the tips and tools on the Scrabble website as well as this blog post of wind-related words and my other posts devoted to the game.

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