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ENG 1103: Revising Your Final Essay and Annotated Bibliography

At the beginning of today’s class you will receive your handwritten drafts with my comments, and you will have the class period to devote to revising on your laptops–or you may continue to write longhand, if you wish. Your revision is due on Blackboard and your blog next Wednesday, April 12. The hard deadline is Friday, April 14.

As you continue to revise your final essay and annotated bibliography, consider visiting The Writing Center. If you do so, you will earn five bonus points.

To schedule an appointment, visit, email the Writing Center’s director, Justin Cook, at, or scan the QR code below. To earn bonus points for your final essay and annotated bibliography, consult with a Writing Center tutor no later than Thursday, April 13.

Next Up

Good Friday! Enjoy Easter and the rest of your four-day weekend.

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