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ENG 1103: Heroes and Villains

This week’s Scrabble post features comic book characters whose names are playable because they have common noun definitions as well. Learning these playable words will up your game–and it may lead you discover that Scrabble dominance is your super power!

  • batgirl: a young woman whose job it is to mind baseball equipment
  • batman: a British officer’s orderly
  • corsair: a pirate
  • hulk: to appear large or intimidating
  • iceman: a man whose job it is to supply ice
  • ironman: a man of great strength or endurance
  • joker: one who habitually makes jokes
  • magneto: a small electric generator containing a magnet
  • mystique: an aura of attractiveness
  • riddler: one who poses riddles
  • robin: a type of thrush
  • superman: an idealized, superior man
  • superwoman: an exceptional woman, especially one who succeeds in having a career and raising a family
  • wolverine: a smallish, vicious carnivore of the weasel family, native to the tundra

Could the words in the hypothetical game featured in the image at the top of this post be the first plays in an actual game of Scrabble? They couldn’t be the first two plays, but they could be the first three. “Wolverine” with the “e” on the double word score would be worth forty points, but “wolverine” has nine letters, and the first player, or team, could not play more than seven letters. But the first play could be “wolver” (one who hunts wolves) for thirty-two points. The second player, or team, could follow with “batgirl” for fifteen points. Then the first player, or team, could add i-n-e to “wolver” for a total of sixteen points.

Next Up

Wordplay Day! To up your game and increase your word power, review the tips and tools on the Scrabble website, this blog post of heroes and villians, and my other posts devoted to the game.

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